Pure Konjac Face Sponge by Nash and Jones

Pure Konjac Face Sponge by Nash and Jones

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Konjac is a natural herb grown underground in China with a soft texture for gentle cleansing that will not scratch while washing away dirt and oil from skin. Use with or without cleanser to gently cleanse, buff away blockages & dead skin cells and polish skin.

For all skin types

Please Notice:

Your konjac sponge has been hermetically sealed in a wet state. This means that it has been packaged with a little air left so neither mold or bacteria can grow in the package. It is okay to see condensation in the package.

Konjac Sponge Care:

Your sponge will dry, shrink, and harden between uses. To soften the sponge again, simply soak it with water. 

At the end of use, rinse and very gently press out water (do not squeeze or you risk tearing it). 

Air dry away from sunlight.

Replace monthly.