Rewards Program FAQs

What is Pretty Farm Girl's Rewards Program? 

This program counts points for each purchase you make and then allows you to redeem those points as discounts once milestones are reached. 1 point is counted for each dollar spent. For example, if you place an order with the order total coming to $75, you also earned 75 points to your account. You can also gain points by writing reviews, visiting our Instagram page, etc. 

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How do I view my rewards?

Using the following link, use the email you use to make purchases with Pretty Farm Girl and the password you created:


How do I use the rewards points?

Scroll down until you see “How to Use Your Points”. Select which tier you have unlocked, and click the box that says “Redeem”. Once confirmed, a code will be generated. Please copy this code, and paste it into the discount box when you are checking out with Pretty Farm Girl. 


Why am I not seeing my points for past or current purchases?

There could be several reasons that your points are not showing up in your account. 

1. Our rewards program began in December 2023. Any purchases made before December 2023 are not reflected as points in this new program. 

2. The points are connected to email addresses. Therefore, to accumulate points you must use the same email address when placing an order as the one associated with your Rewards Account. If the order you placed has a different email address from the one associated with your account, the points will not show up.

Please reach out to our support staff if you have further inquiries regarding your account.