Under Luna Shampoo + Travel Sizes

Under Luna Shampoo + Travel Sizes

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Each sold separately. These 2 oz bottles are the perfect size to travel with or to sample the products. Select which products you'd like to sample in the drop down menu.

You'll get about 10+ uses from each bottle so you can really get a feel for the product!


Warrior Shampoo
Good For: scalp restore + revitalize hair, for normal to oily scalp
Aromas: sustainably harvested sage + citrus

Tulsi Bloom Shampoo
Good For: for dry to oily scalp
Aroma: tulsi, cypress + sweet orange

    Luna Clear Unscented Shampoo
    Good For: our most hydrating shampoo, for normal to dry scalp, also anyone with sensitives, including adults and/or newborns, babies
    Aromas: no essential oils


    Luna Clear Unscented Conditioner
    Good For: our most versatile, for all ages and sensitivities 
    Aromas: no essential oils

    Luna Love Conditioner
    Good For: fine to medium, normal to oily hair
    Aromas: cypress + lavender

    Tulsi Bloom Conditioner
    Good For: for fine to medium hair, restore + strengthen
    Aromas: tulsi, cypress + sweet orange

      Revive Conditioner
      Good For: deep conditioner and hair mask, daily conditioner for medium to thick hair 
      Aromas: jasmine