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Tallow is a sustainable and natural product that has been used to create soap for centuries. It’s famed for giving you glowing skin and has a range of benefits when used to make soap. It’s a nutrient-rich ingredient that fell out of fashion but is now becoming more popular as people rediscover its benefits, for example when used to create tallow soap.

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What is tallow?

Tallow is saturated animal fat that looks like a mixture of butter or coconut oil, but it has a waxy and dry texture. It’s generally made from cattle fat and is made from rendering suet. This is the hard, white fatty layer surrounding an animal’s organs. Fats are essential for a healthy body. They are key building blocks for every cell membrane. They are packed full of vitamins, provide energy and help absorb minerals.

Why is tallow good for making soap?

People have known for centuries that tallow is the perfect ingredient when it comes to making amazing soap. Until fairly recently, most soaps were made using tallow. Over recent decades, commercial soap makers have swapped tallow for vegetable oils such as palm oil. Palm oil is used in a huge range of products and is being grown on a commercial scale. Its farming has been a huge cause of deforestation and habitat loss in some of the world’s most precious environments. Tallow is a tried and tested sustainable alternative to palm oil.

Tallow based soap is good for your skin

Tallow not only makes a great base for soap making, but it also has a range of benefits for your skin. Tallow is packed full of the same lipids that are needed for healthy skin. They help to ensure that moisture can move freely in and out of cells. Lipids also help to reduce infection, protect cell structure, keep in moisture and increase skin flexibility.

Tallow soap gives your skin a vitamin boost. Tallow is packed with vitamins A, & K as well as antioxidants, all of which promote healthy, glowing skin. Vitamin E promotes rejuvenation of the skin by fighting the free radicals that lead to wrinkles. It also helps to prevent the breakdown of collagen. Vitamin D can help to make your skin more vibrant, as well as reduce the risk of infections.

Because tallow and our skin oils share similar concentrations of lipids and other fats, it’s believed to be more effective at absorbing deep into the layers of skin. So not only does tallow contain a range of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants, but it’s also able to get them to where they’re needed most. Whereas petroleum-based products can suffocate the skin, tallow is much better at preventing dryness in your skin’s cells.

Tallow is also a highly effective moisturiser, something our ancestors knew and understood. It helps to replenish the skin’s natural building blocks and retain moisture.

Tallow is an intense moisturiser that assists in retaining the skin's natural moisture. It replenishes the building blocks of our skin that decrease with age. Because it’s non-greasy, it won’t clog your pores. In short, tallow is a completely natural and sustainable ingredient for soapmaking and is full of benefits for your skin.