How to Use a Cleansing Oil

Why use a cleansing oil?

Cleansing oil has been a huge game changer for all kinds of skin types as it cleanses the skin without disrupting it’s natural protective barrier. When harsh soaps and cleansers are used on the skin they often strip this barrier and it causes acne flareups, dry irritated skin, more sensitive skin, dermatitis, rashes, or it leads to an overproduction of oil in the skin as the skin tries to compensate.

Oil cleansing improves the skin’s ability to regulate oil production and can then improve these conditions.  As oil attracts oil, it is really effective in removing makeup as well as grease and grime from the day. It’s also easy and effective to do! Read more about the benefits of using a cleansing oil here.

How to use a cleansing oil

Watch our short video on how to use an oil cleanser, or read below. 

Step 1:

Pump the nozzle 2-3 times to disperse the oil into cleansed hands.

Step 2:

With around 1 teaspoon of oil, massage the oil into dry skin. For those who prefer to cleanse their skin in the shower, you can also massage the oil into wet skin- however make sure not to get any water into the cleansing oil bottle. 

Step 3:

After gently yet thoroughly massaging the skin with the oil you can remove the oil with a damp clean washcloth, or with a cotton round. Some prefer to perform a gua sha routine before removing the oil. Visit our Instagram stories for suggestions on a gua sha routine. 

After the oil is removed, you can pat the skin dry or let the rest of the oil absorb naturally.